Why you're still not “toned"

You've been eating “healthy" and working out. Why do still look like you don't work out?

A common misconception most women believe in order to get "toned" is to eat 1200 calories and do lots of cardio and light weights with high repetitions (muscle endurance).

The the truth of the matter is:

1. "TONED"= building enough muscle and having low enough body fat to see it.

2. When you restrict calories and only do cardio or muscle endurance you will never "tone" because you aren't building muscle.

You'll continue to waste time, effort and energy on things that will get you no where near that ideal physique.

In fact all that running and starving yourself is eating away at your muscles. Hence the term skinny fat, Remember if you want to "tone"... You need to eat for your goals and lift some heavy shit.


3 Sets

6-8 reps/leg Goblet Loaded Curtsy Step Down

10m Dual KB Rack Lateral Band Walk

20-30sec Side Star Plank/side

Rest 60sec

A. Adduction Bias RNT Single Arm KB Rack Squat

2x 6-8/side

B. Hip Thrust

5x 3

C. Contralateral KB Rack RNT Step Up

3x 6-8/leg

D. Conditioning 3-5 Sets

5 Dumbbell Man Makers

30m Forward Sled Drag

Row 14 Calories with Damper Setting at 1

Comment below if you like lifting heavy things and putting it it back down!

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