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Even though it may seem like such an easy piece of clothing, sports bras can get pretty complicated. The options out there are endless but not all are created equally, and not all feel as comfortable as they should. Why You Should be Excited About The TOTAL ELITE EXPOSED ELASTIC V-NECK SPORTS BRA. This sport bra is amazing because they’re so surprisingly comfortable.

The Total Elite exposed elastic v-neck is sporty, with an athletic style that also has a lifestyle influence. They’re stylish bras that have the comfort of sports bras.

Of course there are tons of cute designs out there, but there’s nothing worse than fashion without function in the fitness world. Your body types definitely play a role in what we personally define as comfort when it comes to the perfect bra.

Exposed Elastic V-Neck (COBALT BLUE)

Fit and Features

Fit: The sports bra delivers breathable style with a deep V-neck and criss-cross design at the mid back. It delivers strategic support, tailored for light to medium-impact activities like cycling, weight training & boxing. The unique strap design delivers extra support in all the right places so you can finish just as strong as you started. The elastic band feels super-smooth and soft. A soft, breathable cups provide extra structure and coverage.

Fabrics: Created from a performance soft hands feel nylon elastane blend. A Super-smooth, double-layer fabric delivers superior next-to-skin feel, allowing the bra to be breathable and help regulate your body temperature preventing excess sweating. The material wicks sweat and dries really fast. It is light with 4-way stretch construction moves better in every direction.

Featuring a two inch jacquard #WILLITANDITWILL® band around the strap and the bottom of the bra.

Your sports bra should be tight, light, comfortable, and should feel good. Shop the Total Elite Collection for this light to medium support sport bra and finally see what a good sports bra is supposed to feel like. USE COUPON CODE: BUY2ORMORE FOR FREE SHIPPING!

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