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Performance based apparel for athletes...


Total Elite Athletics was created out of a need to find comfortable, quality, and performance based apparel for athletes whose bodies do not fit the “norm” in the fitness apparel industry.

Throughout my athletics and fitness journey, I have constantly been molding and shaping my body, for the need to perform at my best, minimize injuries, and wear the right apparel to regulate temperatures of my body.

As a result, I found myself in the very expensive habit of repeatedly needing to purchase new athletic wear or to tailor my current fitness apparel. After a year of doing this I decided to start my own brand.

I did this by learning and understanding how to sew. I took sewing classes that helped me to create my own products. I figured that my build was the average body that can mimic a lot of these typical athletes out here. When understanding that I focused on creating my own apparel line to fit the athlete with the broader shoulders, longer leg, thicker thighs, wider back, and a small waist. After making a few athletic apparel pieces I came up with my own unique logo.

My logo embodies the "TOTAL ATHLETE". The circle represents completeness, and in totality. Meaning becoming a complete and total athlete. A silhouette of an athlete performing an exercise movement merged with the “T” and “E” representing TOTAL ELITE.

Once people saw the logo, they started asking, “What brand is that?”

That was all I needed….

At that point, I created more samples for gym-goers. My comfortable, functional clothing was put to the test; it doesn't shrink, it wicks sweat and allows that athlete to workout with no restrictions.

I understand how difficult it can be to find that one or a few comfortable outfits that consistent gym-goers like to workout in, but also want to wear outside of the gym. Everyone wants to own athletic wear that makes their body look good and allows them to perform at their best.

While going through this process it was a hard road. In life we encounter failures and disappointments which can cause individuals to give up. I have adopted a motivational phrase in all my clothing to remind that avid gym-goers. "#WILLITANDITWILL®"

This phrase was given to me by a very good friend-brother. He understood my passion and how I constantly pushed myself and never gave up throughout life and my athletic career. This motto represents a core piece of my belief system... It’s important that we WILL ourselves to never give up even when faced with failures and when disappointment occurs..

TOTAL ELITE ATHLETICS is here to promote athletic wear to the public along with our athletic platforms on athletic fashion & style, fitness workouts, structured plans and how to look good while performing at your best. We want deliver the most personalized & top-notch athletic apparel and fitness platform for our clientele.

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