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  • You CANNOT spot reduce fat. Fat comes off everywhere on your body.

  • Training a muscle builds it, it does not shrink it. Want bigger a bigger booty? Lift weights and eat. You get stronger, your buns grow. So now if you do weighted side bends for your obliques do you think they magically shrink!? They’ll grow!! You’ll get wider not smaller. Training your abs does not shrink the fat on your gut, it simply builds the muscle underneath.

  • The one and only way to lose fat is to eat in a calorie deficit. Which means to eat less calories than your body expends.

  • “But my friend did keto diet and lost weight? My friend did plant based only and lost weight? My friend did Intermittent Fasting and lost weight? So how is a calorie deficit the only way?”

  • All diets work by putting you into a calorie deficit. So for those who try keto diet, YOU CUT OUT AN ENTIRE FOOD GROUP, that can definitely put you into a calorie deficit. But did you have to cut out an entire food group? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

  • You can be in calorie deficit while still eating all your favorite foods, there’s no evil foods you have to cut out. You just have to figure out the quantities you can have them in to maintain the calorie deficit. It’s a lifestyle, not a diet. Find something that you can adhere to for the long run. #moderationnotdeprivation

Published by SONYA L. ROBINSON

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