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Hip Abduction Machine – MYTH | TRUTH | ALTERNATIVE

Ladies (and Gentleman), how many of you use this machine to “tone” your glutes and other thighs? If you then stop! Here is an explanation why this machine is not the best way to develop your hips!

MYTH| this machine is the best way to work your outer thighs, including your glutes.

TRUTH| the glutes, which most people attempt to target when using the hip abductor machine, is placed in an insufficient position to carry out its primary action of hip extension and abduction. The tensor fascia latae, the muscle that directly attaches approximately to the IT-band, will become overactive during the seated hip abduction movement, causing an entire chain of potential problems down the line. Also, if done with excessive weight ad jerky technique, it can put undue pressure on your spine.

ALTERNATIVE| work the same muscle, but while standing and using mini-bands. Simply loop a resistance band around both legs, and position the band just above your knees. Now take small steps to your left for 10-15 reps. then side-step back to your right 10-15 reps. Another alternative is placing a band around your knees while squatting! This will not only activate your hip abductors it will help clean up your squat technique.

Source: @Joetherapy

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