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The goal when preparing for a contest is to retain every ounce of muscle you worked your rear-end off to accrue during the “off season.” To accomplish this you must not only continue to train intensely, but also intelligently vary your methods so that you are stimulating every physiological pathway responsible for hypertrophy.


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Please click product drop down menu for program/price variation of full coaching packages.

What You Receive:

  • Customized Plans - Training, food (including portion measurements), supplements and everything else needed for your overall success (*Nutrition Plan sold separately)

  • Supplement protocol, sleep, water, vitamins, etc.

  • Feedback From Me - (in response to your proactive updates) to keep you on track

  • 24/7 Communication - 24hr turnaround time on your questions

  • Contest Prep

  • Free mobile app download with all workouts and meal plans 

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