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Professional Nutrition Consulting

As certified nutrition coach utilizing services  that will provide nutrition consultations for every individual from the person looking for fat loss to the athlete looking to fine tune their intake to increase athletic performance. Personal Nutrition Coaching provides clients with advice on meal content, food selection, portion control and weight management. Clients can also be educated on eating disorders and sports nutrition. Professional Nutrition Consulting can be done in person, over the phone or consultations can happen via email, FaceTime and Skype. Your nutrition is the foundation on which your training program or fat loss goals are set. We use an individualized, habit-based approach designed specifically for the needs and goals of the individual. With this habit-based approach, you will learn to make the right choices in a sustainable way that will ensure long term success and self-sufficiency. You will learn how to eat for an objective, how to make better choices, and understand the importance of nutrient timing. Nutritional consultations can be done as frequently as necessary based on the needs of the individual.

Each consultation costs $30 and includes:

  • Blood Type Analysis

  • Detailed analysis of a nutritional journal that you will keep for 3 days

  • Guidance to modify your nutritional intake to meet your goals

  • Weight loss/weight management

  • Eating disorders

  • Food allergies

  • Heart health

  • Sports nutrition

  • Meal planning

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